Leaders Club, 1st edition

Published by FT Publishing International (July 22, 2022) © 2022

  • Michael Skapinker

  • A print text (hardcover or paperback)
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This book recounts advice and insight on how senior executives from top companies are overcoming pressing problems affecting business today from the prestigious FT Forum events. It equips executives with the strategic insight to navigate through the major business, leadership, societal, technological and geo-political issues affecting businesses and the economy over the next few years. Such as:

  • Future role of the corporation in society
  • How businesses need to respond to public demand for ESG
  • How society will change post-pandemic
  • Artificial intelligence impact on business and society
  • US-China trade war
  • How a Biden Presidency will impact business and society

  1. How to Create a High Performance Team
  2. Managing A Multigenerational Workforce
  3. Digital Addiction and How to Deal With It
  4. How to Cope in a Corporate Crisis 
  5. What Big Business Can Learn From Startups 
  6. How to Lead Star Performers 
  7. How to Meet Society's Demands
  8. Leading on the Climate Crisis 
  9. Embracing Artificial Intelligence
  10. Reinventing Work
Michael Skapinker is a Financial Times contributing editor and management educator. During a 34-year career at the FT, he has held many positions, including editor of the FT Weekend edition and management editor. He is also an award-winning columnist. He has run leadership programmes at many of the world's top companies and organisations, including the European Central Bank, GSK, Siemens, PwC and Santander.

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