Leaders Club, 1st edition

Published by FT Publishing International (July 22, 2022) © 2022

  • Michael Skapinker


ISBN-13: 9781292406749
Inside the Leaders' Club: How top companies deal with pressing business issues
Published 2022


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We are in increasingly uncertain times where senior executives are looking for high level and practical business advice from experts and peers on what works - what doesn't and how to navigate their way through the challenges of modern corporate life.

Inside the Leaders' Club is based on discussions with business leaders who share their expert tips. It will cover all elements of leadership from how to manage a business to examining what the role of a business leader is in tackling climate change. 

This book offers leadership advice through the insights of our world class speakers and practical advice through the shared experiences and expertise of the senior executives who are members of the FT Forums - expertly curated, analysed and presented by senior FT editors.


  1. How to Create a High Performance Team
  2. Managing A Multigenerational Workforce
  3. Digital Addiction and How to Deal With It
  4. How to Cope in a Corporate Crisis
  5. What Big Business Can Learn From Startups
  6. How to Lead Star Performers
  7. How to Meet Society's Demands
  8. Leading on the Climate Crisis
  9. Embracing Artificial Intelligence
  10. Reinventing Work

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