Literature for Children: A Short Introduction, 9th edition

Published by Pearson (January 26, 2018) © 2019

  • David L. Russell


ISBN-13: 9780134800455
Literature for Children: A Short Introduction
Published 2018


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Literature for Children: A Short Introduction is an accessible, concise and engaging text on children's literature with full-color illustrations. Inviting and brief, the text provides a solid understanding of the foundations of children's literature across genres, from picture books to folk literature.

In his usual engaging style, author David Russell stresses that teachers need to first appreciate literature in order to teach it effectively. The text's user-friendly format includes a wealth of real examples. Its thoughtful presentation allows you to spend more time reading actual children's books.

Substantially revised with full-color illustrations and a new organization, the 9th Edition incorporates a variety of updates, providing a more streamlined introduction to the elements, genres and themes in children's literature.

  1. The History of Children’s Literature
  2. Reading the World
  3. Experiencing Literature
  4. The Art and Craft of Fiction
  5. Picture Books
  6. Poetry
  7. Folk Narratives
  8. Fantasy
  9. Realistic Fiction
  10. Nonfiction

Appendix: Children’s Book Awards

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