Macroeconomics, 3rd edition

Published by Pearson (September 15, 2021) © 2022

  • Daron Acemoglu Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • David Laibson Harvard University
  • John List University of Chicago

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Published 2021

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Macroeconomics presents real economic questions and data to help you learn about the world around you. The text uses themes of optimization, equilibrium, and empiricism to not only illustrate the power of simple economic ideas, but also to explain and predict what's happening in today's society.

In the 3rd Edition, each chapter begins with an empirical, relevant question that is later answered using data in the Evidence-Based Economics feature. As a result of the text's practical emphasis, you'll learn to apply economic principles to guide the decisions you make in your own daily life.

  1. The Principles and Practice of Economics
  2. Economic Science: Using Data and Models to Understand the World
  3. Optimization: Doing the Best You Can
  4. Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium
  5. The Wealth of Nations: Defining and Measuring Macroeconomic Aggregates
  6. Aggregate Incomes
  7. Economic Growth
  8. Why Isn't the Whole World Developed?
  9. Employment and Unemployment
  10. Credit Markets
  11. The Monetary System
  12. Short-Run Fluctuations
  13. Countercyclical Macroeconomic Policy
  14. Macroeconomics and International Trade
  15. Open Economy Macroeconomics

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