MATLAB for Engineers, 6th edition

Published by Pearson (July 6, 2022) © 2023

  • Holly Moore

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MATLAB for Engineers
Published 2022

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MATLAB for Engineers
Published 2022


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MyLab Engineering with Pearson eText for MATLAB for Engineers
Published 2023

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MATLAB® For Engineers starts at the beginning to introduce first-year engineering students to MATLAB. Starting with basic algebra, you'll learn how MATLAB can be used to solve a wide range of engineering problems. Examples taken from concepts presented in early chemistry, physics, and first- and second-year engineering classes are included. When the text covers new subjects, like statistics and matrix algebra, brief background information is used to support your success. As you work through hands-on examples and exercises, you'll learn to apply a consistent problem-solving methodology to help you reach a solution.

The 6th Edition reflects the MATLAB software release R2021B. Updated screenshots, new data, new problems and discussions offer a current view of the coding language and platform you'll use in your classes and career.

  1. About MATLAB
  2. MATLAB Environment
  3. Built-In MATLAB Functions
  4. Manipulating MATLAB
  5. Plotting
  6. User-Defined Functions
  7. User-Controlled Input and Output
  8. Logical Functions and Selection Structures
  9. Repetition Structures
  10. Matrix Algebra
  11. Other Kinds of Arrays
  12. Symbolic Mathematics
  13. Numerical Techniques
  14. Advanced Graphics
  15. Simulink: A Brief Introduction


  1. Special Characters, Commands, and Functions
  2. Scaling Techniques
  3. Annual Climatological Summary

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