Painting - Commercial & Residential, Level 2, 2nd edition

Published by Pearson (December 5, 1997) © 1996


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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Painting Failures and Remedies, Job Planning and Completion, Chemical Cleaning and Stripping, Low-Pressure Water Cleaning, Abrasive Blasting, Drywall Finishing and Patching, Stains, Clear Finishes, Wood Finishing, Coatings Two and Spray Painting (Conventional, Airless and HVLP).

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(Total Level Hours: 145)

07201 Painting Failures and Remedies (7.5 Hours)

Covers failures of paints/coatings on exterior and interior substrates, causes of these failures, and their remedies. Focuses special attention on the nature of the substrates, application procedures, and surface preparation.


07202 Job Planning and Completion (10 Hours)

Covers the process for estimating a job to submit a bid. Also covers the processes for planning and accomplishing a job from start to finish with emphasis placed on the importance and use of drawings, specifications, schedules, and other instructions.


07203 Chemical Cleaning and Stripping (7.5 Hours)

Describes various kinds of chemical cleaners and strippers and how they are used to clean and/or remove unwanted material from substrates.


07204 Low-Pressure Water Cleaning (7.5 Hours)

Covers the design and function of commonly used types of low-pressure washing equipment, including procedures for the safe operation and maintenance of typical equipment.


07205 Abrasive Blasting (7.5 Hours)

Covers the basic design and function of abrasive blasting equipment, including general procedures for its use, related industry standards, and safety and health considerations.


07206 Drywall Finishing and Patching (25 Hours)

Covers the materials and procedures used for drywall finishing and patching. Emphasizes on the techniques for finishing and patching drywall, including the use and care of tools, equipment and supplies, and safety.


07207 Stains (7.5 Hours)

Describes the different classes and/or kinds of stains, including their composition, selection for use, and application considerations.


07208 Clear Finishes (7.5 Hours)

Covers the composition, uses, and application of various clear finishes, including varnishes, lacquers, shellacs, and urethanes.


07209 Wood Finishing (22.5 Hours)

Covers basic wood science and technology subjects related to wood and wood products. Provides detailed procedures and techniques for wood surface preparation and the application of clear finishes to various kinds of wood.


07210 Coatings Two (10 Hours)

Describes unique properties, safety and health considerations, surface preparation, application, and testing and inspection of selected high-performance coatings.


07211 Spray Painting (Conventional, Airless and HVLP) (32.5 Hours)

Covers the design and function of commonly used types of conventional, airless, and HVLP spraying equipment, including procedures for the safe operation and maintenance of typical equipment.  

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