Petroleum Production Systems, 2nd edition

Published by Pearson (September 23, 2012) © 2013

  • A Daniel Hill
  • Michael J. Economides Austin, Texas
  • Christine Ehlig-Economides
  • Ding Zhu Austin, Texas

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ISBN-13: 9780137033256
Petroleum Production Systems
Published 2012
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ISBN-13: 9780137031580
Petroleum Production Systems
Published 2012


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Written by four leading experts, this edition thoroughly introduces today's modern principles of petroleum production systems development and operation, considering the combined behavior of reservoirs, surface equipment, pipeline systems, and storage facilities. The authors address key issues including artificial lift, well diagnosis, matrix stimulation, hydraulic fracturing and sand control. They show how to optimize systems for diverse production schedules using queuing theory, as well as linear and dynamic programming. Throughout, they provide both best practices and rationales, fully illuminating the exploitation of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.

Updates include:

  • Extensive new coverage of hydraulic fracturing, including high permeability fracturing
  • New sand and water management techniques * An all-new chapter on Production Analysis
  • New coverage of digital reservoirs and self-learning techniques
  •  New skin correlations and HW flow techniques
  • Foreword        
  • Preface        
  • About the Authors        
  • Chapter 1: The Role of Petroleum Production Engineering        
  • Chapter 2: Production from Undersaturated Oil Reservoirs        
  • Chapter 3: Production from Two-Phase Reservoirs        
  • Chapter 4: Production from Natural Gas Reservoirs        
  • Chapter 5: Production from Horizontal Wells        
  • Chapter 6: The Near-Wellbore Condition and Damage Characterization; Skin Effects        
  • Chapter 7: Wellbore Flow Performance        
  • Chapter 8: Flow in Horizontal Wellbores, Wellheads, and Gathering Systems        
  • Chapter 9: Well Deliverability        
  • Chapter 10: Forecast of Well Production         
  • Chapter 11: Gas Lift         
  • Chapter 12: Pump-Assisted Lift        
  • Chapter 13: Well Performance Evaluation        
  • Chapter 14: Matrix Acidizing: Acid/Rock Interactions        
  • Chapter 15: Sandstone Acidizing Design        
  • Chapter 16: Carbonate Acidizing Design         
  • Chapter 17: Hydraulic Fracturing for Well Stimulation        
  • Chapter 18: The Design and Execution of Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments        
  • Chapter 19: Sand Management        
  • Appendix A:             
  • Appendix B:             
  • Appendix C:             
  • Index                

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