Pipeline Mechanical, Level 2, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (December 9, 2002) © 2002


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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Introduction to Pneumatic Systems, Introduction to Hydraulic Systems, Specialty and Precision Tools, Inspect and Repair Valves (CT 20, 21.2, and 21.3), Maintain and Repair Pressure Limiting Devices and Relief Valves (CT 22, 23.1, 23.2, and 24), Introduction to Metering Devices and Provers, Introduction to Pumps, Introduction to Gas Compressors, Install and Maintain Bearings, Install Mechanical Seals and Maintain and Repair Drivers.

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(Total Level Hours: 155)

63201-02 Introduction to Pneumatic Systems (10 Hours)

Explains pneumatic system safety, characteristics of gases and how they are compressed, pneumatic transmission of energy, and compressor operation.


63202-02 Introduction to Hydraulic Systems (10 Hours)

Explains hydraulic system safety and the basic principles of hydraulics, including Pascal’s law and Bernoulli’s principle. Explains the function of fluids, parts, pumps, and motors.


63203-02 Specialty and Precision Tools (15 Hours)

Introduces different types of specialty tools and precision measuring tools and explains how to select, inspect, use, and care for these tools.


63204-02 Inspect and Repair Valves (CT 20, 21.2, and 21.3) (20 Hours)

Identifies and explains the different valve inspection requirements. Describes routine walk-around inspections, external integrity inspections, functional test requirements, and the procedures to leak test a valve. Also describes how to disassemble a valve, perform internal inspection requirements, and reassemble a valve.


63205-02 Maintain and Repair Pressure Limiting Devices and Relief Valves (CT 22, 23.1, 23.2, and 24) (20 Hours)

Identifies types of relief valves and pressure limiting devices. Explains how to inspect, test, and calibrate tank relief valves, pipeline relief valves, and pressure limiting devices.


63206-02 Introduction to Metering Devices and Provers (10 Hours)

Identifies and explains the use of various types of pipeline meters including positive displacement, turbine, ultrasonic, mass-flow, vortex, and orifice. Identifies and explains the use of provers including tank provers, traditional pipe provers, and small volume pipe provers.


63207-02 Introduction to Pumps (10 Hours)

Identifies and explains various types of main-line and feeder line pumps including centrifugal, rotary, reciprocating, and metering pumps. Explains net positive suction head and cavitation. Outlines general procedures for pump installation.


63208-02 Introduction to Gas Compressors (10 Hours)

Identifies and explains the various types of gas compressors used in the transmission of gas through pipelines. Also explains the function and operation of compressors and identifies the auxiliary equipment used with compressors.


63209-02 Install and Maintain Bearings (15 Hours)

Identifies and explains various types of friction and antifriction bearings, bearing materials, and bearing designation. Gives procedures to remove, troubleshoot, and install bearings.


63210-02 Install Mechanical Seals (20 Hours)

Explains the function and advantages of mechanical seals. Identifies parts and types of mechanical seals. Includes procedures for removing, inspecting, and installing mechanical seals.


63211-02 Maintain and Repair Drivers (15 Hours)

Identifies types of drivers that provide power to rotating equipment on pipelines. Explains how to inspect and replace drivers, replace bearings and seals, and perform preventative maintenance.

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