Psychology of Learning For Instruction, 4th edition

Published by Pearson (July 30, 2021) © 2022

  • Marcy P. Driscoll Florida State University
  • Kerry J. Burner Florida State University

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ISBN-13: 9780137510382
Psychology of Learning for Instruction
Published 2021

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Psychology of Learning for Instruction focuses on the implications and applications of learning theories and instruction. Using excellent examples ranging from primary school instruction to corporate training, this text combines the latest thinking and research. This will give you the opportunity to explore individual theories. You will also apply reflective practice. This practice fosters a critical and reflective mode of thinking.

The 4th Edition has 4 updated instructional application chapters that illustrate what learning theory looks like in practice. Additionally, updated chapters cover new psychological and educational perspectives. New perspectives address topics like digital technology, development, prior knowledge and situativity. You'll also explore updates in neuroscience research and personal theories of learning and instruction.

  1. Introduction to Learning and Instruction
  2. Learning and Behavior
  3. Learning and Cognition
  4. Behavioral and Cognitive Instruction
  5. Learning and Development
  6. Learning and Prior Knowledge
  7. Constructivism and Instruction
  8. Learning and Situativity
  9. Learning and (Digital) Technology
  10. Situated and Technology-Enhanced Instruction
  11. Learning and Motivation
  12. Learning and Neuroscience
  13. Motivation and Neuroscience for Instruction
  14. Learning and Instruction: Toward a Personal Theory

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