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Whether it's at work or in their relationships, as parents or managing their money, the Rules have described how happy and successful people behave for over 25 years. The Rules of Everything contains the top 100 rules from the bestselling Rules books, as voted for by readers, so you can follow the common-sense advice on how to be happier and more successful.

The Rules of Work

1. Get your work noticed

2. Never let anyone know how hard you work

3. Set personal standards  

4. Carve out a niche for yourself  

5. Under promise and over deliver

6. Know what you want long term

7. Don't gossip  

8. Put things in perspective

9. Never disapprove of others

10. Get people to assume you have already made the step


The Rules of Management

1. Get them emotionally involved

2. Accept their limitations

3. Encourage people

4. Be very, very good at finding the right people

5. Respect individual differences  

6. Train them to bring you solutions, not problems  

7. Work hard  

8. Be proactive, not reactive

9. Have principles and stick to them

10. Go home


The Rules of Life

1. Keep it under your hat

2. You'll get older but not necessarily wiser

3. Accept yourself

4. Dedicate your life to something

5. No fear, no surprise, no hesitation, no doubt

6. It's OK to give up

7. Don't dwell on the past

8. You'll never understand everything

9. Know when to let go – when to walk away

10. Find a new rule every day – or occasionally at least


The Rules of Wealth

1. Anybody can be wealthy – you just need to apply yourself

2. Decide on your definition of wealth

3. Most people are too lazy to be wealthy

4. Decide what you want money for

5. Understand that money begets money

6. It's harder to manage yourself than it is to manage yourmoney

7. Only by looking wealthy can you become wealthy

8. Know yourself – solo, duo or team player

9. Don't try to get rich too quickly

10. Know when to stop


The Rules of Parenting

1. Relax

2. Look pleased to see them

3. Treat your child with respect

4. Use praise wisely

5. Make sure they know what's important

6. Schooling isn't the same as education

7. Remember Newton's Third Law

8. Don't look under the mattress

9. You can't fix everything

10. Don't guilt-trip them


The Rules of Love

1. Choose someone who makes you laugh

2. You can't change people

3. You can't make someone love you

4. Be nice

5. Allow your partner the space to be themselves

6. Be the first to say sorry

7. Your partner is more important than your kids

8. Contentment is a high aim

9. Never be too busy for loved ones

10. The more you put out, the more you get back


The Rules to Break

‘Success is a good job earning lots of money'

1. Success is what you say it is

‘The world is against you'

2. You're responsible for your own life

‘We all have an absolute right to be respected'

3. There's a balance between the right to respect, andtolerance  

‘A place for everything, and everything in its place'

4. It's not morally superior to be tidy

‘The best people will be there for you for life'

5. People come and go, and it's OK

‘You can't help how you feel'

6. You feel what you think

‘Some people are just asking for it'

7. Keep the moral high ground

‘No one is perfect'

8. Be on the side of the angels, not the beasts

‘Let people know when you're right'

9. Never say ‘I told you so'  

‘Guilt tells you where you're going wrong'

10. Don't do guilt


The Rules of People

1. People believe what they want to believe

2. Banter isn't teasing

3. If they feel small, they'll big themselves up

4. Everyone else is insecure too

5. Teenagers hate you because they love you

6. Some weirdos are great people

7. Listen to what they don't say

8. Loneliness is a state of mind

9. Credit people with your own ideas

10. Say thank you properly


The Rules of Thinking

1. Take control

2. Focus on other people

3. Be in the present

4. Think outside your head

5. Loosen up

6. Don't settle for your first answer

7. Facts are neutral

8. Spot the box

9. Feed your mind

10. Untangle the knots first


The Rules of Living Well

1. It's not all about you

2. Your feelings are your own

3. Train your mind to relax

4. Zen it

5. Beware food rules

6. Enjoy your mistakes

7. Create boundaries

8. Stay in synch

9. Redraw your relationship

10. Forgive and don't forget


Know When to Break the Rules

Create your own Rules

Richard Templar is the author of the international bestselling Rules books. Over 2 million people around the world have enjoyed and now play by Richard Templar's Rules. The complete list of titles is as follows: The Rules of Life, The Rules of Work, The Rules of Management, The Rules of Wealth, The Rules of Parenting, The Rules of Love, The Rules to Break, The Rules of People, The Rules of Thinking, and The Rules of Living Well.

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