Sprinkler Fitting, Level 2, 4th edition

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For courses covering sprinkler fitting skills.

The next step toward a sprinkler fitting career

Sprinkler Fitting, Trainee Guide, is the most comprehensive apprenticeship training in the fire sprinkler industry. It targets the most relevant job skills, while keeping trainees up to date with the latest fire sprinkler codes. Developed with the American Fire Sprinkler Association, the Level 2 guide explores the operation and installation of basic sprinkler systems, along with relevant math applications and shop drawings.

The 4th Edition was revised by leading educators, contractors and manufacturers in the industry. Its new objectives-driven instructional design is built around job skills, practical knowledge and the latest products and technology.

Key features of this title

Practical application

  • Step-by-step instructions throughout the text guide trainees through technical procedures and tasks.
  • An introductory page before each module lists objectives, trade terms and performance tasks.
  • Trade features present technical tips and professional practices based on real on-the-job scenarios.

Engaging pedagogy

  • Review questions test students’ knowledge of the content they’ve just read.
  • Profiles of industry leaders offer trainees inspiring first-hand insight.
  • Figures and tables illustrate important concepts and clarify complex instructions.

New and updated features of this title

A deeper focus on employability

  • NEW: A new objectives-driven instructional design ensures trainees are focused on the right competencies, while helping to streamline study time.
  • REVISED: The most relevant job skills are targeted in this edition. Job scenarios were added to the math content, and content has been simplified to apply to sprinkler fitter job tasks more directly.
  • UPDATED: Operational videos for each type of sprinkler system can be accessed via QR codes embedded in the training guide.
  • UPDATED: Shop drawings created by NICET-certified designers have replaced generic drawings, supporting a goal of depicting only products listed for fire-protection use.

Alignment with industry standards

  • REVISED: The most recent editions of all necessary fire sprinkler codes are incorporated throughout, including the 2019 edition of NFPA 13 Code (National Fire Protection Association). These revisions were made by subject matter experts who sit on the NFPA’s code-making panels.
  • UPDATED: Updates to industry terminology, technology, art and content organization are woven into the new instructional design. Art depicts materials approved by testing organizations such as UL.


  1. Hangers, Supports, and Restraints (18201)
  2. General Purpose Valves (18202)
  3. Math for Sprinkler Fitters (18203)
  4. Shop Drawings (18204)
  5. Standard Spray Sprinklers (18205)
  6. Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems (18206)
  7. Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems (18207)

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