Technology Strategy for Managers and Entrepreneurs, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (April 3, 2008) © 2009

  • Scott A. Shane Case Western University


ISBN-13: 9780131879324
Technology Strategy for Managers and Entrepreneurs
Published 2008


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For undergraduate and graduate courses in technology strategy, management of innovation and technology, technology entrepreneurship, and engineering management.

This book emphasizes how the future manager or entrepreneur can use strategic management of innovation and technology to enhance firm performance.  It helps students to understand the process of technological change; the ways that firms come up with innovations; the strategies that firms use to benefit from innovation; and the process of formulating technology strategy.

Chapter 1:    Introduction
Section A:     Understanding Technological Change
Chapter 2:    Technology Evolution
Chapter 3:    Technology Adoption and Diffusion    
Chapter 4:    Sources of Innovation
Section B:     Coming up with Innovations
Chapter 5:    Selecting Innovation Projects
Chapter 6:    Customer Needs
Chapter 7:    New Product Development
Section C:     Benefiting from Innovation
Chapter 8:    Patents
Chapter 9:    Trade Secrets, Trademarks, and Copyrights

Chapter 10:  Capturing Value from Innovation
Chapter 11:  Competitive Advantage in High Tech Industries
Chapter 12:  Technical Standards
Chapter 13:  Strategy in Networked Industries
Section D:     Formulating Technology Strategy
Chapter 14:  Collaboration Strategies
Chapter 15:  Strategic Human Resource Management of Technical Professionals
Chapter 16:  Organization Structure for Technology Strategy

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