Understanding Human Differences: Multicultural Education for a Diverse America, 6th edition

Published by Pearson (September 18, 2020) © 2020

  • Kent L. Koppelman University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse

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ISBN-13: 9780136615934
Understanding Human Differences: Multicultural Education for a Diverse America
Published 2020

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ISBN-13: 9780135196731
Understanding Human Differences: Multicultural Education for a Diverse America
Published 2019


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Understanding Human Differences uses a stimulating inquiry approach to discuss and debate the most critical issues of diversity in America. Grounded in research from the behavioral and social sciences, this text uses a question-and-answer format to bring the topics and issues to life. The conceptual framework for the book examines issues from cultural, individual and institutional perspectives. The last section of the book focuses on changes already achieved or that need to be implemented in schools and other areas of society to create a more just society.

The 6th Edition is thoroughly updated to keep you aware of new factors impacting ongoing issues of diversity as well as emerging new issues.

  1. Understanding Ourselves and Others: Clarifying Values and Language
  2. Understanding Prejudice and Its Causes
  3. Communication, Conflict, and Conflict Resolution
  4. Immigration and Oppression: The Assault on Cultural and Language Diversity
  5. Race and Oppression: The Experiences of People of Color
  6. Religion and Oppression: The Struggle for Religious Freedom
  7. Rejecting Oppressive Relationships: The Logic of Cultural Pluralism for a Diverse Society
  8. Racism: Confronting a Legacy of White Domination in America
  9. Classism: Misperceptions and Myths About Income, Wealth, and Poverty
  10. Sexism: Where the Personal Becomes Political
  11. Heterosexism: Challenging the Heterosexism Assumption
  12. Ableism: Disability Does Not Mean Inability
  13. Pluralism in Schools: The Promise of Multicultural Education
  14. Pluralism in Society: Creating Unity in a Diverse America

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