Workplace Communication: Process and Product, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (August 29, 2006) © 2007

  • Steven M. Gerson DeVry University (Retired)
  • Sharon J. Gerson DeVry University (Retired)


ISBN-13: 9780132288088
Workplace Communication: Process and Product
Published 2006


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For courses in Technical Writing, Technical Communication, Professional Writing, Business Communication and Business Writing.

Workplace Communication: A Concise Guide to Process and Product emphasizes the writing process and gives readers a sound introduction to workplace communication. Unique in approach, the text is shorter than most, devoting coverage to all major topics of professional communication in an accessible and flexible style. Each chapter opens with real-life scenarios, offers before and after writing samples, includes writer’s reflections and ends with application and learning exercises. Checklists for each communication channel and a grammar handbook round out the many learning features of this text.  An early chapter on electronic communication prepares students for today’s business environment and goes beyond e-mail and Web sites to include in-depth coverage of Web logs (blogs), Instant Messaging, and on-line help.

1.      An Introduction to Workplace Communication

2.      Essential Techniques of Successful Workplace Communication

3.      Document Design

4.      Electronic Communication

5.      Traditional Correspondence—Memos and Letters

6.      Proposals and Long Reports

7.      Short Reports

8.      Technical Applications

9.      Job Search

10.    Oral Communication





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