Case studies: the GSE in practice

Find out some of the many ways that schools use the GSE by exploring our case studies.

From auditing a curriculum to replacing intuition with objectivity in lesson planning, the external validation provided by the GSE helps teachers and learners improve their performance and achieve their learning objectives.

gse case studies

Explore our case studies

GSE for Curriculum Redesign & Gap Fill

About the GSE and redesigning your existing curriculum.

How the Global Scale of English can help your business or institution enhance or gap fill your existing curriculum when new requirements or market drivers come into play. How you can use the GSE to ensure your courses are relevant, appropriate and fit for purpose?

Adjusting curriculum to meet the needs of the learner

Find out about how Salem State University introduced the GSE to help instructors personalize the learning experience and ensure that their English program is future-proof. 

Bridging curriculum gaps using the Global Scale of English

Adopting a common framework to help select the most appropriate content to meet students’ needs.

Take a look at how Sacred Heart University adopted the Global Scale of English to plug the gaps in their curriculum and select the most appropriate content to suit the individual learning needs of their students.

Sacred Heart University wanted to ensure that their individualised approach to teaching their students clearly illustrated the learning paths for each student using the GSE learning objectives. The institution wanted to offer their students clearly defined legitimate goals to help them flourish in their immediate English-medium academic programs and future workplace.

Creating lasting opportunities for all

National Curriculum Reform using the Global Scale of English to underpin the Panamá Bilingüe Program.

Discover how Panamá Bilingüe selected and deployed the Global Scale of English to underpin their national curriculum reform project. Learn more about how this ambitious program is enabling better opportunities for all Panamanian citizens and for future generations.

This case study outlines the process they undertook to realise the potential of this national English program and how they use the GSE to help inform decisions around teacher development, courseware and assessment selection.

Embracing change to improve outcomes and raise standards in English

Learn about how Panamá Bilingüe is raising standards in teaching and learning English by redesigning the curriculum using the Global Scale of English, and how the introduction of assessments has helped them measure learner progress.

Building student confidence through active learning

Meikai University, Japan, found that their existing English curriculum wasn’t sufficient to deliver an equal balance across the four skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking.

To revise and improve their curriculum they used the GSE to create a common framework to roll out across the department. This enabled a much more cohesive, sustainable and scalable approach to future program development and offers their students a more comprehensive education in English.

Achieving success through personalized learning journeys

Toraiz Private Language Schools - a group of seven schools located in Tokyo and Osaka - who design personalized courses for Business English learners. 

They use the learning objectives from the GSE to identify clear goals and measure their progress each month using Versant assessments. It’s an inspiring story of a uniquely personalized approach, from a successful private language school group.

Easing the pressure – using assessment to motivate and empower students

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University - a progressive and ambitious multicultural university located in Beppu, Japan - were looking for a way to adapt their curriculum to meet the needs of their diverse student intake.

They looked to the GSE to help them establish a common framework from which to diversify their course content to address the mixed-ability of their students, but also to help their students better prepare for high-stakes assessments.

Using GSE to redesign an institution's learning outcomes

Vic Stephenson, Head of Curriculum for Study Group, shares the process she followed to redesign their learning outcomes for Academic Learners using the Global Scale of English.

Raising standards in English Language Teaching

Vic Stephenson, Head of Curriculum, International Study Centres, Study Group talks about how important it is to understand the level of a student's English when embarking on a course, and how the Global Scale of English has helped them raise standards.

Anadolu University

Using the GSE to help design your curriculum, motivate learners and impact on student success.

Country: Turkey

Setsunan, Kobe Gakuin and Kobe International

Helping pinpoint areas for additional student support and measuring progress across the four skills using the GSE and Progress.

Country: Japan

As I am creating the curricula for our intensive English institute, I have come to embrace and highly value the Global Scale of English as a department manager, as a creator of assessment tools, and for the sake of our teachers and students. 

Marilyn Glazer-Weisner, Co-ordinator, Middlesex Community College, World Language Institute, MA, USA