2018 Pearson English Teacher Award Winners

Ghazal Parsa - Africa & the Middle East

The judges thought Ghazal's understanding of progress - students who use English to adapt to their environment - very forward-thinking.

Ghazal, interviewed at IATEFL 2018.

Leila Jauch - South America

Our judges liked the way that Leila uses her students' ability to travel abroad and become exchange students as a mark of their progress in English.

Leila, interviewed at IATEFL 2018.

Angel Gaytan - North & Central America

The judges enjoyed Angel's passion for teaching and his understanding that progress in English means enjoying it outside the classroom. 

Angel, interviewed at IATEFL 2018.

Ksenia Immel - Europe & Central Asia

The way Ksenia links English teaching with real-life usage impressed the judges.

Ksenia, interviewed at IATEFL 2018.

Noorjahan Sultan - Asia & Oceania

Our judges loved Noorjahan's recognition of the way students' progress is shown when their English ability crosses into other classes.

pearson english teacher award noorjahan sultan