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Recruiting the best talent gives your business a competitive edge.

Versant tests use advanced AI to evaluate English communication skills accurately and reliably in real business situations to help you identify which candidates will be successful in role.

Give employees at all levels the opportunity to thrive in their career and drive your business forward. Understand their current proficiency level and pinpoint their development goals.

Reasons why companies choose Versant

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Issue tests quickly and receive results within minutes

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Our AI technology accurately assesses language proficiency without any bias

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Practical, business-relevant content to evaluate and recruit candidates

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Simple to use

Easy to administer and track results through a dedicated dashboard

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24/7 test availability on website, mobile or desktop

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Detailed score reports

Provide actionable suggestions for improvement

“Since Versant's integration with our internal English training program, test scores are now used to set standards for all of our overseas representatives. Versant allows us to recognize our employees' practical speaking ability – something that can't be done with a paper-based test.”
Deputy Manager, Human Resources Department Nikkei

Versant tests

Whether you need a comprehensive evaluation of all four language skills or require a targeted assessment of speaking or writing abilities, Versant Tests provide the flexibility and reliability needed for successful talent acquisition.

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Validity and reliability

World class technology at your fingertips. Versant tests are backed by years of research in speech processing, statistical modelling, linguistics, latent semantic analysis, and testing theory.

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