Meet the judges

We assembled a terrific panel of experts and industry-insiders representing different facets of the English language teaching community.

Learn more about this year’s judges, what they looked for and why they're excited to be part of the Teacher Award.

jeremy harmer

Jeanne Perrett

Jeanne has worked in the language teaching sector for over thirty-five years as an educator, school owner, publisher and writer.

She says “I looked for teachers who are enabling a learning environment where students can try things, make mistakes, and flourish.”

freya thomas monk

Mike Mayor

Mike Mayor is the Director of the Global Scale of English (GSE) at Pearson.

He looked for teachers who are modeling creativity, collaboration and teamwork in their lesson planning – and was interested to see how this work translates into impactful teaching.

emily gale

Clare Walsh

Clare is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She’s also an examiner and exam writer.

Clare was excited to hear all your interesting stories. She says, “We know that teachers are there, in person, and they have the opportunity to make real and lasting difference.”

nick robinson

Mike Solly

Mike has almost 30 years’ experience in ELT and is currently responsible for the British Council’s approach to languages for migrants and refugees.

When it comes to the Teacher Award, Mike looked for teachers who inspire their students.