English tests for today’s learners, teachers and businesses

Combining over 30 years of language testing research with cutting-edge technology, Pearson English creates tests for every need. 

From high-security tests for visa applications, through to assessments for student placement and progress monitoring, we have a solution for you.​ 

Our tests are trusted by governments, Ivy League universities and Fortune 500 companies around the world.


Pearson English has delivered and marked over 350 million assessments...and counting!


Trusted by the US Department of Defense, the Australian Government and more.


Over 30 years of testing research and quality assurance ensure the most accurate tests.


We deliver tests on computer, tablet, mobile and paper, meeting the needs of today's learners

Assessment for schools 

From placing a student in the right class on their first day, to monitoring progress and certifying achievement, our tests help educators to personalize and accelerate the journey to fluency


These tests help learners get off to a flying start by ensuring they are in the right English class for their level.​


These tests assess proficiency and measure progress in detail, across the language skills.


These recognized certificates prove learners’ skills to potential employers or schools.​​


These tests verify English language ability for immigration or study abroad.

Assessment for young learners

Engage young minds while measuring progress in detail, with the fun, tablet-based English Benchmark Young Learners test.

To certify skills with a qualification from Pearson Edexcel, choose International Certificate (PTE) Young Learners. 

Assessment for adult learners

Are you ready to prove your English skills to the world?

You can take PTE Academic to study or move abroad, or take International Certificate (PTE General) as proof of your English ability, to show potential employers and schools near you.

Warm Up

If you’re getting ready to take your International Certificate, take a look at our fantastic, free app.

Practice all four language skills using real items from past exams.

Assessment for businesses

Our automated assessments predict how expert human interviewers would score a test, allowing employers to get instant, unbiased results, anywhere in the world.

Today, this patented AI technology has scored over 350 million tests, helping Fortune 500 companies recruit, train, and promote the right people for the job.

Assessment for governments

PTE Academic is trusted around the world and accepted for student and immigration applications by the UK, Australian and New Zealand governments.

Powered by AI technology, PTE Academic provides a fast and convenient testing solution without human bias.

Combining science with language expertise

We have partnered with thousands of teachers around the world to help pinpoint students’ language ability,
and developed artificial intelligence systems that automate English language assessment.​


Artificial Intelligence 

We combine advanced speech recognition and exam grading technology with the insight of professional ELT exam markers around the world, to develop patented software that can measure English language ability.​

Global Scale of English

Developed in partnership with over 6,000 teachers, the Global Scale of English builds on the CEFR to give a detailed view of each students’ language ability, and weaves our products together.​

Our tests

Benchmark Test

English Benchmark Young Learners

Level Test

International Certificate (PTE General)

International Certificate (PTE) Young Learners

PTE Academic

Readiness Test