Every learning journey is unique

The Benchmark Test from Pearson English takes the time, complexity and subjectivity out of the assessment process.  

This straightforward yet powerful tool makes it easy to measure real progress, fast. And with just a few basic requirements, the test can even be taken from home. 

Use the Benchmark Test alongside any English course to smooth and accelerate the journey to fluency.


Scores are based on the Global Scale of English (GSE) as well as the CEFR, meaning progress can be measured in small increments within each level.

Use with any course

This test is course-agnostic, meaning it measures real language skills and progress to enhance any teaching programme. 


Relieve the burden of time and resources spent creating, administering and marking tests - while minimising human error and receiving reliable results.


Backed by market-leading AI technology and developed by the team who created PTE Academic, trusted by governments and universities worldwide.

Rich insights and direction

The test assesses all four language skills, returning at-a-glance data for individuals and your class as a whole - as well as more detailed descriptions of ability in each skill. 

The results also include tailored guidance for students and teachers, with direction to the specific courseware and activities that can help.

Fast, efficient and easy to use

Fitting neatly into a 45-minute lesson, this test has been designed to give useful information about student progress in a way that enhances, rather than disrupts, the learning process.  

With an appropriate computer, headset and Internet connection, the test can even be taken at home – and results are returned within minutes.

Detailed and reliable

Backed by Pearson’s leading artificial intelligence scoring technology, Benchmark Test offers a choice of levels to support all students: A, B1, B2 or C.  

Questions focus on abilities relevant to that level to provide detailed, reliable results.

Level Test & Benchmark Test brochure covers

A joined-up approach to assessment

The Benchmark Test works alongside the Pearson English Level Test to first stream students, and then track their progress in detail.

Both tests are administered via Pearson English Test Hub, delivering rich insights into your learners' needs and the effectiveness of your teaching programme, plus tailored recommendations for improvement.

The Benchmark Test is aligned to the Global Scale of English (GSE).

The GSE is the first truly global English standard, allowing teachers to more accurately and more easily measure learner progress.

Who we are

The Pearson English team is made up of experienced educators, researchers, test designers and analysts, who are all focused on delivering the highest quality testing in a way that works for you.