An online test package that can be used with adult and young adult courses.

Have you ever taught a class of students who feel like they're stuck at 'Intermediate' level for years? Or tried to measure progress with a unit test, only to find it reflects the coursebook's content, not someone's true English ability?

Progress helps you and your students measure their improvement in an easy, objective way.

  • A series of three tests for the beginning, middle and end of your course
  • Measures speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary
  • Delivered online in approximately 60 minutes
  • Adapts to students' ability

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Why choose Progress?


Rigorous tests can be conveniently taken at the institution or at home.

Time Saving

Ready-made and automatically scored test, including speaking and writing sections, saves you time.

Informs Learning

Score reports by skill highlight strengths and weaknesses to help students and teachers focus learning.

Objective & Reliable

A standardised package of 3 tests that allows uniform testing and comparison of results to improve learning outcomes.


Scored on Global Scale of English and aligned to the CEFR to accurately measure small amounts of progress within a CEFR band.

Rapid Results

Adaptive test delivers faster yet more precise results while offering a unique test experience.

No more plateaus

Progress shows students how well they are doing in small units of achievement, so they never feel stuck at one level.

No more guesswork

Progress has been tested on over 13,000 volunteers, so you can bring a robust, validated test into your classroom.

No more revision

Progress uses real-life questions so your students don't need to complete extra revision in order to be tested.

No more marking

Progress is scored automatically, so you don’t need to mark a thing.

How it works

After taking a Placement test to figure out which class is right for your students, they can take their first Progress test. This gives you a benchmark for the rest of the year and can help you focus on areas to improve.

Halfway through the course, your students will take another test, showing how their skills have changed, before their final test at the end of your course.

Measure improvement across any English skill

Progress measures students' English ability across speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary.

It is scored on the Global Scale of English, a scale from 10 to 90, that builds on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The granular scores for each skill help to show how students have improved, whether their overall score changes or simply see improvements in particular skill areas.

Transparent results across your whole cohort

Instead of relying on an end-of-unit test or something you had to write yourself, Progress allows you to measure your students consistently.

The questions in Progress have been developed by international assessment experts, and tested on over 13,000 volunteers.

A communicative English test, with no need for revision or marking

Progress measures communicative English, using a wide variety of question types.

Questions are based on real-life English scenarios using skills that students are likely to encounter every day. Question types include:

  • Essay writing
  • Dictation
  • Fill in the blanks

Questions that adapt to your students, with scores delivered automatically

An adaptive algorithm ensures that the questions selected for a learner are suitable for their level. Progress uses automated scoring, including the scoring of speaking and writing items. Scoring is objective and consistent wherever or whenever Progress is taken.


Integrates with your systems

Our Learning Management System (LMS) integration gives you easy access to the MyEnglishLab platform from your existing LMS. This allows for single sign-on from systems like Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas. 

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Our customer support teams have created video guides, tips and more to help you get started with Progress. If you need more help, you can reach out to our customer support at any time.

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