Formula Building Blocks

Create your own Formula for exam success

You can customise Formula for your class depending on the length of your course and the language and skills your students need to develop. Just follow the two steps: 

Step 1: Choose your course length

The configuration and structure of Formula’s two core components allows teachers to flex the course depending on the time available and different learning goals.  

Step 2: Customise your course building blocks 

Super intensive exam courses: around 30 hours 

For super intensive exam-focused courses, the Exam Trainer is recommended as the main course component. It is also a perfect fit for self-study scenarios. 

Block 1: Components


  • Coursebook or the Interactive eBook with Digital resources and App
  • Exam Trainer or the Interactive eBook with Digital resources and App


  •  Presentation tool and/or Coursebook Teacher’s Book and Digital resources
Super Intensive Components image

Block 2: Sections in class 

  • Use Test and Teach sections from the Exam Trainer. 
Super Intensive Sections in Class image

Block 3: Sections for homework 

Use the final Test sections with some exam tasks carried out under exam conditions. 

Super Intenstive Sections for Homework image

Block 4: Digital resources 

Use the About the exam and Speaking test videos to develop exam awareness and provide a change of pace or the photocopiable activities to consolidate language.

Formula digital resources image