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Formula offers a comprehensive learning and teaching package, including digital tools. Find out more about each of our components.

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Student components

Coursebook with Exam file, Digital Resources and App 

  • A dynamic approach to exam preparation with new topics lesson-by-lesson. 
  • Eight units with each lesson covering one part of each paper from the Cambridge exam and with an exam focus and authentic practice task in each. 
  • A fold-out Exam file booklet in the back of the Coursebook containing Exam boost exercises for improving exam performance. 
  • The Grammar file gives a full page of detailed grammar and language explanation, plus a full page of practice activities for every unit. 
  • The Vocabulary file provides a comprehensive wordlist for the whole unit as well as further practice activities. 
  • The Writing file provides both example exam questions and model answers for each Writing part, as well as extra help and practice. 
  • Each exam part lesson links to the Exam Trainer component for more focused skills and strategies building in that same exam part. 
  • Access to digital resources, including course audio and video, as well as the Pearson Practice English App and the Coursebook Interactive eBook.

The Coursebook is available “with Key” (for self-study) and “without Key” version. 

B2 Formula Coursebook cover

Teacher components

Teacher’s Book with presentation tool, digital resources and App

  • Teaching notes with a wealth of additional and alternative classroom ideas, including warmer and cooler tasks, flexible follow-up tasks and ideas for fast finishers.
  • Dyslexia focus boxes identify course resources and give ideas for alternative treatment of tasks.
  • Full answer key, including smart answers for exam tasks.
  • ‘How to’ sections giving advice on using the Exam file, using Formula for different course lengths, teaching for exams, developing your students as independent learners and mindfulness for exams.
  • Speaking and writing success criteria at the back of the book to help you and your students understand what a solid answer, a good answer and an ‘acing it’ answer in the exam looks like.
  • Access to digital resources and Pearson Practice English App.
Formula Teacher book


  B1 B2 C1
Coursebook and Interactive eBook with key  9781292391335 9781292391410  9781292391489 
Coursebook and Interactive eBook without key  9781292391359 9781292391427  9781292391496 
Exam Trainer and Interactive eBook with key  9781292391366 9781292391434  9781292391502 
Exam Trainer and Interactive eBook without key  9781292391373 9781292391441  9781292391519 
Coursebook Interactive eBook with key  9781292376493 9781292376394  9781292376509
Coursebook Interactive eBook without key  9781292376516  9781292376400  9781292376523
Exam Trainer Interactive eBook with key  9781292376530  9781292376424  9781292376547
Exam Trainer Interactive eBook without key  9781292376554  9781292376417  9781292376561
Teacher's Book with Presentation Tool, Digital Resources and App  9781292391380 9781292391458  9781292391526