What's New?

Improved in response to feedback from teachers

  • Three new levels: two new levels lead to the Cambridge Advanced exam (B2+ and C1), and in 2019 there’ll be a new A2+ level.
  • Access all the resources and tools you need to teach Gold Experience in one place: a teacher presentation tool, interactive classroom activities, grade book for student homework, audio and videos. 
  • Revised lesson flow through grammar and vocabulary lessons, with additional audio and video material, and grammar practice activities, improves language input. 
  • An independent learning strand encourages students to take charge of their own learning, reflect on how they learn best and things they can do to improve.
  • The new lead-in page to each unit gets students thinking about the unit topic, activates their existing vocabulary and shows them how much they already know. 
  • A fresh new look and simplified design help learners to focus on the content and activities. Exam signposting helps students and teachers get to grips with the exam and make the most of the course components.
  • The book is restructured to provide nine input units and one review unit that work with the academic calendar. 
  • The assessment pack now includes A/B tests, inclusive versions for special educational needs students, separate papers for grammar & vocabulary and skills, diagnostic and final tests, Cambridge assessment-type activities and much more.