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Student Book

Topic-based units offer thorough input and practice of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, with topic vocabulary and grammar presented in situations which exemplify their meaning and use.

Switch on to watch authentic TV clips and video podcasts – each unit of the course has video material that’s fully integrated with topic and tasks.

Power up what teenagers know and get them sharing their ideas and knowledge of the world.

Word XP, Grammar XP, Language XP tips and guidance take language skills to the next level.

Speak up, listen up, write on sections teach new language in a personalized context helping students to engage, create and share.

Exam tips give useful advice on how to develop and practice all skills for Cambridge English for Schools exams.

Revision sections reinforce the vocabulary and grammar students have learnt.

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A 64-page workbook focused specifically on all the vocabulary and grammar areas taught in the Students’ Book and is suitable for both use in the classroom or homework.

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Do your students prefer learning English while using their tablets?
No problem!

eText is the students’ online or tablet component which contains the Students’ Book pages with integrated links to audio, video and games.

Pearson Students’ eTexts are compatible with Apple and Android tablets and can be used online or offline (via the Pearson eText App).

Get your Students to buy their Gold Experience Students’ eText and enjoy a fully digital classroom.

Gold Experience Students eText


  A1  A2 B1 B1+ B2
Student's Book w/ Multi-ROM 9781447961888 9781447961918 9781447961925 9781447961949 9781447961963
Student's Book w/ Multi-ROM & MyEnglishLab 9781447961895 9781447961901 9781447961932 9781447961956 9781447961970
Workbook (all skills) 9781292159454 9781292159461 9781292159478 9781292159485 9781292159492
Grammar & Vocabulary Workbook 9781447913870 9781447913894 9781447913931 9781447913917 9781447913955
Student's eText Access card 9781447973942 9781447973959 9781447973966 9781447973973 9781447973980
Student's eText w/ MyEnglishLab Access card 9781447978893 9781447978909 9781447978916 9781447978923 9781447978930
ActiveTeach 9781292113920 9781292113937 9781292113944 9781292113951 9781292113968
Class Audio CDs 9781447973652 9781447973676 9781447973690 9781447973713 9781447973737
Teachers Book 9781447973669 9781447973683 9781447973706 9781447973720 9781447973744
Exam practice by Practice Tests Plus - 9781292148373 9781292148380 - 9781292148366
Exam practice Teacher's Answer Keys - 9781292148397 9781292148397 - 9781292148397
Teachers eText for IWB online Online Online Online Online Online
Teachers eText Disc for IWB 9781447919544 9781447919551 9781447919568 9781447919575 9781447919582
Teachers Online Resource Material w/ Audio 9781447913818 9781447913856 9781447913825 9781447913832 9781447913849
EDU 36 months All levels: 9781292370873