Student Book with ActiveBook

Student Books are divided into either ten or twelve units and have enough material for approximately 60 to 90 hours of instruction.

Each Student Book has a bound-in ActiveBook, which contains a digital Student Book with the entire audio program, Extra Listening practice and activities, and a printable Language Portfolio to help students keep a record of their progress.

Split editions with a bound-in workbook are also available.

All about ActiveBook

What is it?
Digital Student Book with full audio, suitable for any computer.

How is it used?
In class, just as you would use a printed book. Outside the classroom, ActiveBook gives access to Student Book pages & audio so your students can practice activities already taught in class. Great for home/school links.

What’s in it for my students?
Motivated students can keep on studying and progress faster. Students who need extra practice or to catch-up on work can access this any time that they are at a computer.

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