Take a step closer to total success in English

With a clear structure and can-do objectives in every unit, New Total English is a straightforward, teacher-friendly course with time-proven methodology. It gradually builds up all the necessary knowledge to help students achieve their learning objectives.
  • A six-level English language course
  • For adult learners
  • Takes students from CEFR A1 to C1

Share an exciting English-learning journey with your students

Be the one who guides them

New Total English offers a well-organised systematic approach. Every unit starts with a “Can do” objective stating what students will be able to do after successfully completing the unit.

Then, the course builds up the solid language base needed to achieve these objectives. Students learn the relevant vocabulary, commonly used structures and grammar rules, and practise core skills and pronunciation. It provides a clear and logical learning path which allows students to reach their goals faster.

Discover the world of English together with your students

Modern topics, colourful visuals, and authentic video materials create a feel-good atmosphere in your classroom. They encourage teamwork, natural discussions, the exchange of opinions, and keep students and teachers interested.

Inspire your students to learn and to love English

Enable your students to be the best they can be… and even better. Clear goals and learning outcomes are very visible on the unit page spread, so after successfully completing the unit learners can confidently say to each other: I can now do this in English! This gives students a sense of achievement, a desire to use their new knowledge in practice, and the confidence to move further.

Guide, Discover and Inspire with New Total English!

Diane Hall and Mark Foley, co-authors of New Total English Elementary, will share with you what inspired them to create the course and how it can help you become the best teacher you can be.

Why choose New Total English?

All New Total English units have a very similar structure, making it easier for students to self-study when they miss a class. They just need to follow the same step-by-step learning process. All new materials can be easily found in the Students’ Book or ActiveBook with clear explanations and examples.

In the Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels of New Total English, the Vocabulary sections build up knowledge of high-frequency words and phrases. From Intermediate onwards, there is a greater emphasis on systems and word-building which help learners expand their knowledge.

The Writing Banks at the back of the coursebook give students all the materials and practice they need to improve their writing skills. They cover different text types and genres, advising on the structure, common language constructions and vocabulary.

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