Poptropica English Islands

Create a world of excitement and adventure

Welcome to Poptropica English Islands, a six level primary English series that engages young learners like never before. The unique combination of beautiful in-class materials and fun-filled online activities, songs and games, creates a world of excitement and adventure that children won’t want to leave.

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  • Language: British English
  • 6-level course: for primary students (Levels 5-6 available 2018) 
  • CEFR: Pre-A1 - A2+
  • Authors: Sagrario Salaberri & Susannah Malpas

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Engage young learners like never before

Poptropica English Islands is a multiple-level course for children learning English as a foreign language in Primary schools.

The level, content and pace make it suitable for use in Primary schools with typically 5 or more lessons of English per week.

Poptropica English Islands offers best practice methodology in the classroom whilst offering teachers and pupils an innovative digital environment.

Poptropica Islands book covers
Poptropica Islands digital components

Enriched digital components

Poptropica English Islands features interactive digital components, including an Islands Adventure Game and the Active Teach Interactive Whiteboard Software, which help enrich pupils learning in both school and at home.

High level content

Poptropica English Islands vocabulary and grammar syllabus has been developed in line with external exam topics, specifically aimed at CYL, Trinity and KET for schools.

Phonics/Literacy syllabus

Poptropica English Islands offers an integrated phonics programme across the whole series.

CLIL and cultural references

Integrated within each unit, this provides links to other school subjects and offers the opportunity to study children's lives and culture in other parts of the world.

Poptropica English Word Games

Play in a world populated with Poptropica English characters where learning English vocabulary is easy and fun. Build towns and compete in exciting games.

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