Student Book

Includes materials to effectively present and practice the target language. It introduces new language in lively and engaging contexts. A wide variety of practice tasks lead from controlled language activities to production and personalization activities. Each unit includes listening, speaking, reading and writing activities, ensuring that students develop their skills and are able to practice new language in a broad range of contexts. Additionally, the Student Book contains songs, chants, stories, games, listening and reading texts and communicative activities to ensure lessons are varied, motivating and effective.

The Student Book is organized as follows:

  • Welcome Unit introduces students to the group of characters and the story of their island
  • Eight ten page theme-based units
  • Review after every two units
  • Wider World pages teach culture from around the world: one topic for every two units
  • Goodbye unit to wrap up and consolidate
  • Four festival pages teach about holidays
  • Picture Dictionary 
  • Activity stickers for further consolidation of language