Poptropica English World

Poptropica English World is a safe, engaging and highly-motivating environment where students meet the characters from the Student Book plus a host of other exciting characters and follow them on an adventure.

Students will engage in safe "closed-chat" dialogues with the characters they meet and will practice target language from the units. They will also follow instructions to help them solve puzzles and learn supplementary language along the way.

 The Student Access Code gives students access to the Poptropica English World online.

For Students

  • The Island Adventure Game gives students an interactive online experience where they learn through play and absorb English without even realizing it!
  • A range of new homework activities and games for which students earn coins that can then be used to "buy" items for their avatars.
  • Share rewards with the class to incorporate social elements — it's not strictly an online tool.
  • A highly visual performance overview encourages them to evaluate and direct their learning.

For Teachers

  • Easy-to-use Learning Management System allows you to manage classes and view performance with a click of a button
  • Presentation tool for Interactive Whiteboard with all core content organized into lessons
  • Assignable homework activities
  • Simple messaging system to communicate with parents

For Parents

  • An at-a-glance overview of the child's progress
  • A simple messaging system to communicate with teachers