Rise and Shine

Empowers every child to reach their potential and shine

Rise and Shine is a six-level primary course that develops language alongside global citizenship and future skills.

Fun characters, relatable stories and real-life videos support clear, child-friendly learning objectives that motivate learners to learn English.

  • English type: British English and American English  
  • 6-level course 
  • 2-5 hours of English per week 
  • GSE: 10-42 
  • CEFR: <A1 to A2+ 
  • Suitable for: 6-12-year-olds

Meet the characters

Welcome to Rise and Shine Towers where you'll meet Dexter, Elena, Bruno, Mia, Granny Belinda and Kiki the cat.

Rise & Shine characters

What makes Rise and Shine special?

Clear, personal learning journeys

Learners understand exactly what they are learning and why, thanks to the skills development work and clear Global Scale of English (GSE) learning objectives.

Each unit follows five stages, signposted by colored stepping stones in the Pupil’s Book. Learners are always aware of their learning goals and can chart their progress at the end of each stage through a clear 'I can shine' activity.

Oscar character

Inclusive classroom

Rise and Shine is specially developed to support every pupil to achieve their best.

Creating an inclusive environment helps learners with learning differences and supports those learners who don't have a learning difference by making them more aware, tolerant, and understanding of each other.

Alicia character

Global citizenship

Each unit has a different global citizenship focus that encourages learners to think about global and local issues, with emphasis on cultural awareness, empathy and social-emotional skills development.

The overarching unit topics have been developed with reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Elena character

Future skills

English is more than just a school subject in the 21st century – it is a medium through which children can learn about life, and global and local issues which are relevant to them.

Rise and Shine learners face exciting tasks that help them build a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them, all the while working towards clear learning goals.

Clara character

Story-based course

Each level of Rise and Shine takes place in a different setting that learners can relate to and explore.

Learners relate to the importance of the local neighbourhood and how so much of the characters’ lives centres on family, friends, and neighbours.

Dedicated functional language lessons, beautiful photographs, global citizenship themes and videos reinforce a connection with the real world.

Granny Belinda character

Interactive games 

There’s a student area with extra practice, story animations videos, songs and games. Unique 360 online games, powered by educational games developer Seppo, give students more reasons to practice English.

Bruno character

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