SuperKids blends the best techniques from proven language teaching methodologies into a program that creates confident, autonomous English speakers

SuperKids New Edition is a fun and easy-to-teach six-level series for elementary school children learning English. Through lively child characters and an engaging storyline, Super Kids presents and recycles language in ways that children can understand and use in their daily lives.

New Edition | American English 

6 Levels: Suitable for 6 to 12 year olds

Authors: Aleda Krause and Greg Cossu

Integrated 4-skills syllabus

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Unit Walkthrough

Talk about it!

Introduces the unit vocabulary and dialogs

  • Clearly illustrates target vocabulary items 
  • Introduces two useful expressions and the grammar point in each unit 
  • Introduces a review dialog in levels 3 to 6 
  • The find-the-hidden-animal feature makes learning fun 

Do it!

Total Physical Response (TPR) (in levels 1 and 2) helps students learn verbs through listening and movement

  • Verbs are clearly illustrated for easy understanding

Say it!

Reviews previously learned dialogs and vocabulary (in levels 3 to 6)

  • Offers further review by recycling dialogs and vocabulary from previous levels 

Build it!

Teaches the unit grammar within a carefully controlled syllabus

  • Presents grammar in context with artwork
  • Simple substitution exercises consolidate the grammar point
  • The Sing-a-gram (grammar song) provides a fun way to learn grammar

Read it!

Develops phonemic awareness as well as reading and writing skills

  • Clearly illustrates words with target phonics sounds 
  • Students can listen to and identify sounds
  • Reading and writing practice of the phonics sounds consolidate thesounds and spellings

Practice it!

Reviews the unit language through fun pair and group work activities

  • Games consolidate language and develop confidence in a stress-free environment 
  • The Chant it! provides a fun way to review the unit language 

Recycle it!

Reviews language from the previous three units

  • Three Recycle it! sections reinforce and expand upon unit language 
  • A humorous story and a game make reviewing fun

Discover it

Provides cross-curricular learning in three fun and interesting units

  • Three Discover it! units provide cross-curricular learning in three units 
  • New vocabulary and dialogs are introduced and illustrated
  • The chant or song provides a fun way to review the language learned in the unit

I can do it


  • Helps teachers to assess students' understanding and monitor their progress 


Introduces new language while developing international awareness

  • Two Culture units develop students' international awareness 
  • New vocabulary and dialogs are introduced and illustrated