Aleda Krause

Aleda Krause is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer based in Japan who has worked with more than 250 groups of teachers all over Asia for 25 years. Her language teaching experience includes students of all ages, from preschool to senior citizens, including university students learning to be teachers of children. She is the author of SuperKids, a 4-level EFL series for elementary-school children, SuperTots, a 3-level EFL series for kindergarteners, and the Longman Children's Picture Dictionary. She is founding coordinator of the Teaching Children Special Interest Group of the Japan Association of Language Teachers, and the author of numerous articles on teaching, teacher training, and teaching methodologies. She has an MA in linguistics and TEFL from the University of Michigan. Her research interests include songs and games in teaching children, phonics instruction, and using picture books in the classroom. Her hobbies are her two dogs, fish, and cat.

Author Aleda Krause

Greg Cossu

Greg Cossu lived and taught English in Japan for 22 years. He just recently returned to the States where he lives in San Diego, California. Continuing from the success of the first edition of SuperKids, he is very proud to contribute more to the educational needs of children and teachers with the new edition of SuperKids. He believes that, as teachers, our job is to both educate and encourage.