Teacher Education and Leadership Academy (TELA)

The Teacher Education and Leadership Academy develops Pearson’s professional learning courses and resources for teachers. By working together with teachers, research and efficacy professionals and pedagogical experts from around the world and taking an evidence-based practice approach, our teachers can be confident that they can make a difference in the lives of learners.


Why choose a TELA course?

  • The TELA team has been constructed to be responsive to quickly develop new course content, available in a variety of lengths and delivery methods to meet the needs of busy teachers and the changing world of education
  • You can be rest assured that our courses adhere to a rigorous evidence-base, ensuring they’re learner-centred, connected to practice and promote teacher ownership
  • Every course contains practical, downloadable tools and resources to have at-the-ready when you’re ready to implement
  • Our courses benefit from being guided by our world-class in-house expertise, including subject matter experts, content developers, efficacy professionals and instructional designers, so you can be confident that our courses are robust, relevant and real-world ready!

Our TELA Professional Development courses offer:     

  • Blended or self-study options
  • A breadth of content; From foundational evidence-based practices to cutting-edge topics that teachers face today
  • A choice of formats; From short, bite-sized modules to more in-depth training
  • The evidence-based framework for content and design
  • Downloadable tools and resources
  • Certificates and badges
  • Anywhere, anytime access online

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Convenient, effective teacher training on-the-go! These courses are ideal for K-12 and ELT teachers, for self-study or with a virtual instructor, or as an enhanced course with face-to-face sessions. You can complete units in any order and progress at your own pace. Each package is built around 4-10 units and each unit contains about 45-60 minutes of content. 

Choose from the following training packages:

  • Classroom Foundations Level 1
  • Classroom Foundation Level 2
  • Strategies for Teaching 21st Century Skills
  • Strategies for ELT (Primary)
  • Strategies for ELT (Secondary/Adult)
  • ESAP – coming soon!

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Deep Dive


Deep Dive courses are designed to give teachers exposure to the most effective and cutting-edge pedagogical techniques for teaching in a modern classroom. Participants will learn these techniques and develop a working knowledge which they can immediately apply to their teaching practice. Each course contains 4-6 modules, taking between 10-20 hours to complete, in total. Typically, the courses will be delivered as self-study units, in the form of 30-60 minute sessions, however ELT practitioners will also have the option to select a blended learning format.

Choose from the following courses:

  • ELT Teacher Development
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Assessment for Learning
  • 21st Century Skills

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Master Trainer


Rigorous, practical and learner-centric professional development programs our Master Trainer program is designed to be interactive and practical. These courses focus practitioners in developing their strategies for effective communication, learner engagement, team building and conflict resolution. Courses are delivered in virtual or face-to-face formats. 

Choose from the following courses:

  • Master Trainer 1 – Engaging and Motivating Adult Learners
  • Master Trainer 2 – Advanced Team Building
  • Master Trainer 3 – Online Facilitator Skills

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