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Not all students are the same. Choose the learning pathway that best suits your class.

Choices gives teachers the flexibility to adjust the course to their students’ individual needs.

  • Upper Secondary course 
  • Aimed at 15-19 year olds
  • British English 
  • 4 Levels 
  • A1 - B2

What is it?

Tasks that encourage students to take control over their knowledge and skills development.

Engages teenagers with favourite topics, such as video games and parties, authentic BBC and Channel 4 clips, like the talented Jamie Oliver.

A digital toolkit to help teachers and learners stay ahead of the game.

Efficacy case study

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Perfect Partners

If you’re looking to encourage reading in your class, we recommend you take a look at our range of Pearson English Readers. Pearson English Readers are a carefully graded collection that enable English language learners to enjoy reading whatever their language level.

We have carefully chosen the Pearson English Readers that best enhance each unit in the Choices Student Books. Select your level to find out which Penguin Reader best complements your Choices course. 

Upper Intermediate

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Components & ISBNs

  Elementary Pre-Intermediate  Intermediate Upper Intermediate
Student's Book 9781408242025 9781408242049 9781408242032 9781408242056
Workbook w/ Audio CD 9781447901655 9781408296196 9781408296158 9781447901679
Student's Book w/ MyEnglishLab 9781447928812 9781447905660 9781447905653 9781447928829
Student's eBook Access Code 9781447954583 9781447954606 9781447954590 9781447954613
Student's eBook w/ MyEnglishLab Access Card 9781447981503 9781447981541 9781447981527 9781447981565
Student's eBook w/ MyEnglishLab Access Code* 9781447981510 9781447981558 9781447981534 9781447981572
Student's MyEnglishLab Access Code* 9781408242117 9781408242650 9781408242124 9781408242667
Class Audio CDs 9781408242445 9781408242469 9781408242452 9781408242476
Teacher's Book w/ Multi-ROM 9781447901648 9781408289792 9781408296172 9781447901662
ActiveTeach 9781408242292 9781408242315 9781408242308 9781408242322

* = our newest components

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