Look no further for immediate progress!

Students make learning look effortless with this fun, visual approach to language learning. Look! is clear and flexible for all levels of ability and holds the interest of the student through content and topics that your students see on a day to day basis!

Digital teaching and learning support

Teachers editions available with LiveBook (ActiveTeach) - for resources and in class presentation.

Student books available with Livebook (ActiveBook) - the student book in digital format with audio

  • Visual - The delightful Graphic Grammar Gang are on hand to show how grammar and vocabulary work, making lessons lot's of fun and truely memorable.
  • Clear - The course is stronger and clearer because it is simple. the straightforward lessons spark interest and engage learners right from the start.
  • Flexible - Perfect for engaging varied learning styles, for classes of different abilities and interests.
  • Varied - Culture, songs, projects, plays and revision are all strong and regular features.

British English | 3 Levels | A1 - A2

Authors: Trish Burrow, Steve Elsworth, Rod Fricker, Jenny Parsons, Jim Rose, David Todd


Components Available

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3