See your students rise to the challenge

Keep your students engaged and stretch their horizons with New Challenges.

Do your students need to be challenged and motivated to grow? Help them build confidence, creativity and high performance with the New Challenges course. It supports students to acquire social awareness, reinforces positive values and systematically develops language skills to make the teenage learners become confident citizens of the world.

  • Complete five-level English course for teenagers
  • For students aged 11-15 years old
  • CEFR: A1 to B1

What is New Challenges?

new challenges

Clear grammar and vocabulary

New Challenges is perfect if you like to challenge your students. Build your students' confidence with the clear approach to grammar and vocabulary, and with exercises to develop their spoken and written language.

new challenges

Bring the real world into the classroom

New Challenges is a complete course that uses cross-cultural topics to bring the real world into the classroom, making it relevant for your students and encouraging them to think about the world around them.

new challenges

Challenging activities with interesting topics

New Challenges is full of lively and challenging activities that your students will enjoy participating in. Students find that rising to meet a challenge can be fun and satisfying and helps build their confidence.

new challenges

Wealth of resources to engage and motivate

New Challenges gives students plenty of practice to develop their language skills. Check student progress and see who needs extra help or extra challenges with a testing and self-assessment programme.

What's new in New Challenges?

New content and contemporary visuals - make learning English more relevant for students, keeping them engaged while learning.

New Starter levels for zero beginners - a complete course that takes your students from CEF A1 to B1 level, so you can prepare all your students for exams within a single course.

Extra content on the Teacher's Multi-ROM - plenty of photocopiable resources, videos and exercises to capture your students’ attention and keep them focused for longer.

New ActiveTeacher for Interactive Whiteboard - a range of audio, video and interactive activities to get your students involved and participating with heads up activities whenever you need it.

New Students' eText - means that pupils can access exercises and audio for listening on their mobile devices so they can continue to improve their language outside the classroom.

Manageable in one academic year - so it is easier to fit into your schedule.

new challenges

Why choose New Challenges?

Prepares students for exams

Use New Challenges to run a course that starts at zero beginners and takes your students through to Council of Europe’s Waystage level (A2) and Threshold (B1). Easily fit the course into your schedule with 90 to 120 hours of material that can be completed in an academic year.

Keeps students engaged

New Challenges' updated content and visuals make learning English relevant to students. Never be at a loss to find an activity with audio tracks, videos, video exercises and interactive activities throughout the course. Encourage students to learn for pleasure with the Time Out section, which includes puzzles, games and quizzes.

Caters for mixed-abilities

Students will enjoy learning with challenging activities based on interesting topics, such as ghost stories, mysteries and popular culture. Consolidate their understanding with Get Ready modules and then build up their skills and confidence with writing projects and tools such as Word Builder, Sentence Builder and Picture Dictionary.

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