New Success

It’s all about school leaving exams!

New Success has already helped over 2 million students achieve their best results. Motivating multimedia content enables students to enjoy learning and succeed.

Learners need to be motivated in order to be successful. New Success challenges students with rigorous academic materials and strong exam focused content, while keeping them engaged through fun and personalized learning activities.

  • For Upper Secondary state and private schools
  • Aimed at 14-20 year-olds
  • Covering CEF A1 to B2+
  • For Elementary to Upper Intermediate students
  • Designed for 3-5 hours per week with a total of 108 hours to be completed in one academic year

Why choose New Success?

Confidence on exam day

New Success develops exam-taking skills by familiarizing the learner with exam format, providing exam tips and consolidating new skills in exam revision sections.

Keep students motivated

Lateral thinking puzzles, humor, cultural shocks and personalized questions make language learning personally meaningful and fun.

Build self-assessment skills

The course builds up learner autonomy through self-assessment, self-correction and self-training exercises like Mind the Trap!

Complete in one year

Based on teachers’ feedback we shortened New Success from 14 to 12 units (3-5 hours of teaching per week). Extra units were replaced by word lists to improve vocabulary.

Develop language skills

New Success focuses on vocabulary input and practice by introducing new vocabulary at the beginning of the unit, supporting learning with word lists, and recycling vocabulary throughout the text. Funny Speak Out video skits help students better memorize natural English expressions and constructions.

new success

What do teachers think about New Success?

"Students get high and very high scores on graduation. Every teacher likes this series. This great course allows the teacher to do interesting educational activities. Thanks to New Success, students are not only well prepared for the matriculation examination, but also, because they’re interested, it broadens their horizons."

- Dr. Beata Trapnell, ELT teacher in Poland

"Repetitions help graduates build confidence. The Speak Out section proved to be particularly useful in the last repetition before graduation. Tasks, such as word formation, transformation and test gaps correspond to the format of the matriculation examination. Tips on how to write short and longer functional forms with examples also proved to be extremely valuable."

- Grażyna Urbanowicz, ELT teacher

"Exercises that accompany the texts allow consolidation of previously understood vocabulary and structures when working in pairs or in groups. It reinforces self-confidence."

- Grażyna Urbanowicz and Lo Kwidzyń, ELT teachers

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