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University Success is an academic course designed for English Language learners preparing for mainstream academic environments. Authentic content is woven through reading, writing and oral communication strands. The course - level by level - carefully scaffolds skill development to help students become autonomous learners, thereby closing the skills gap.

University Success provides intensive skill development and expanded application- tied to specific learning outcomes - enabling students to master essential skills and become confident in their ability to perform successfully in academic degree courses taught in English. Authentic lectures, readings, and writing strategies created and delivered by top professors from Stanford University provide real-life learning experiences. 

  • American English
  • Academic
  • Three strands: Reading, Writing, Oral Communication
  • Three levels:
    Intermediate to High-Intermediate: GSE 43 - 58 (CEF B1 - B1+)
  • Advanced: GSE 59 - 75 (CEF B2 - B2+)
    Transition: GSE 68 - 80 (CEF B2+ - C1)

Three strands, three levels

This three-strand series, Reading, Writing, and Oral Communication, includes five distinct content areas: the Human Experience, Money and Commerce, the Science of Nature, Arts and Letters, and Structural Science, all popular fields of study among English language learners. The three strands are fully aligned across content areas and skills, allowing teachers to utilize material from different strands to support learning.

university success cover writing
university success cover reading
university success cover oral communication

Intermediate to High-Intermediate Level

Authentic content with careful integration of essential skills, the Intermediate to High-Intermediate level familiarizes students with real-world academic contexts.

university success cover writing
university success cover reading
university success cover oral communication

Advanced Level

Challenging, authentic content with level-appropriate skills, the Advanced level prepares students to exit the ESL/EFL safety net.

University success
University success
University success

Transition Level

A deep dive for transition-level students, the Transition level mirrors the academic rigor of college courses.

Academic rigor and accelerated learning

  • University Success is the first-ever English language course that fuses intensive and rigorous skill development and expanded application, at the same time meeting the unique academic, social, and linguistic needs of English language learners.
  • Rigorous academic preparation is carefully scaffolded with systematic skill development that English language learners require to close their skills gap and become autonomous learners.
  • Challenging academic content ensures students are prepared quickly and appropriately to handle the challenges of academic work.
  • University Success supports programs that adopt the accelerated instruction model by allowing them to take advantage of authentic texts and exercises that enable students to develop vocabulary, reading, and listening strategies.

An authentic experience

  • Authentic essays and lectures expertly created by top professors from Stanford University, provide real-life learning experiences.
  • Real academic content provides students with the same challenges native speakers face in a university setting, preparing them to handle the quantity of reading and writing required in college-level courses as well as full-length lectures that have not been scaffolded for them.

Flexibility: Three Strands – Three Parts

  • The three strands are fully aligned across content areas allowing teachers to utilize material from different strands to support learning.
    • Five distinct STEAM content areas are represented: The Human Experience, Money and Commerce, The Science of Nature, Arts and Letters, and Structural Science, all popular majors among English language learners. 
  • The skills, like the content areas, are aligned. Teachers can delve deeply into a single skill area, or provide additional support from other skill areas for richer development across the four language skills.
  • The three strands all include three parts, each a self-contained module.
    • In Parts 1 and 2 students develop fundamental and critical thinking skills. The Reading Strand includes challenging readings that allow students to engage with the content as they build essential reading and critical thinking skills. The Writing Stand includes presentation and controlled writing practice that guide students through the writing process while building their essential writing and critical thinking skills. The Oral Communication Strand includes short lectures and classroom discussions that allow students to build their essential listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills.
    • Part 3 provides a truly authentic experience with extensive essays (Reading strand), lectures (Oral Communication strand), and interviews about writing process (Writing strand). Part 3 includes activities and assignments that enable students to apply and expand the skills acquired in Parts 1 and 2.
university success flexibility
university success assessment


University Success provides a package of assessments that can be used as precourse diagnostics, midcourse assessments, and final summative assessments. The flexible nature of these assessments allows teachers to choose which assessments will be most appropriate at various stages of the program. These assessments are embedded in the student book and are available online in MyEnglishLab.

Strategies for Academic Success and Soft Skills

  • Strategies for academic success and soft skills, delivered via online videos, help increase students’ confidence and ability to cope with the challenges of academic study and college culture. 
  • Study skills include how to talk to professors during office hours, time management techniques, understanding a syllabus, and many more.
  • Videos also include life skills topics such as living in an English-speaking setting, surviving in a culture different than one’s own, balancing studying and personal life, and many more.

Blended Approach

  • University Success combines the utility of an interactive student book, online learner lab, and print course to create a flexible approach that adjusts to the needs of teachers and learners.
  • Each skill presented in the Student Book is followed by connected activities on MyEnglishLab for well-rounded and comprehensive practice in and out of the classroom. 
  • MyEnglishLab includes comprehensive teacher support and an easy-to-use online learning management system offering tools to monitor student progress.

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