Contemporary Topics

Contemporary Topics enhances academic listening and study skills, improves English language proficiency and incorporates real college lectures.

For adult learners American English Print and digital 4 levels GSE: 40-66 CEFR: A2-B2

About the course

Build confidence and learn academic study skills while exploring future career options

The course guides learners through carefully sequenced activities and skills to improve note-taking, intensive listening and vocabulary. Structured around realistic college and university lectures, Contemporary Topics helps learners build their confidence and skills to tackle academic challenges.

Featuring lecture-style content, focusing on professional applications to help learners explore future career paths. Proficiency assessments simulate TOEFL-style tests allowing learners to practice for high-stakes tests and exposing them to core academic vocabulary.

Contemporary Topics encourages learners to evaluate their interests and explore possible career paths before further study by introducing them to a variety of new subject areas and emphasizing professional applications.​

Contemporary Topics digital resources

Why choose Contemporary Topics?

Realistic lectures build skills and strategies to achieve educational goals
Designed to advance learners' speaking, listening and study skills
Online Resources facilitate self-study, including video lectures and audio content

Contemporary Topics is part of our Connected English Learning Program

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