A World of Fiction

Expanded for high-intermediate readers, A World of Fiction series now features 32 unabridged stories ideal for literary analysis, language practice, and lively cross-cultural discussion.

Both books in the series help students sharpen their reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills as they discover the pleasure and reward of reading fiction.


  • Reading selections represent a variety of themes, literary styles, and cultural settings to stimulate student conversation and debate.
  • Extended Vocabulary in Context sections cover idioms, phrasal verbs, and many other areas of vocabulary enrichment.
  • Writing activities include both expository and creative assignments in which students are led to incorporate the language skills featured in the chapter.
  • Expanded critical thinking sections encourage students to analyze stories and connect them to their own experience.
world of fiction
  • Authors: Sybil Marcus, Daniel Berman 
  • Subject: Reading 
  • Level: From High-Intermediate to Advanced

A World of Fiction (1) includes 16 shorter stories, explanations and exercises designed for high-intermediate and low-advanced readers.

Selections include noteworthy authors such as Raymond Carver, Dorothy Parker, Tim O’Brien, and William Saroyan.

world of fiction

A World of Fiction (2) features an additional 16 selections by renowned writers including James Joyce, Louise Erdrich, Woody Allen and Alan Paton.

world of fiction

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