Distance teaching and learning: useful tips for making it work

Presenter(s): Dr Ken Beatty

Online teaching and remote learning are increasing globally, so how do you make it work for both educator and learner?

Image of Dr Ken Beatty

In this webinar Dr. Ken Beatty, an expert on online teaching and learning, focuses on the needs of teachers and learners of all ages and at all levels.

He explores how to get organized, plan effectively, stay motivated and keep learners engaged and answers key questions about online distance learning:

  • What can I do if I’m not a computer-savvy teacher? 
  • How do online lessons differ from face-to-face lessons?
  • What are the most efficient and effective ways to flip learning?
  • How can I engage passive students in an online class to ensure active participation?
  • How should I schedule classes for different age groups and at different levels, and how often?
  • What are creative ways to use chat and social media to help students engage with each other?
  • What technical tools, such as platforms, make teaching and learning easier?