Key lessons

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Lesson A

Trainer: Elizabeth Beer

Level: A1 - A2

Students’ age: 9-11

Topic: London Zoo

Key vocabulary:
Animals; Giraffes, penguins, tiger, tortoise, monkey, milipede, stick insect, Adjectives; Tall, funny, fast, slow, strange, long, big, interesting, green, Daily routine; Wake up, have breakfast, play, ball, toy, swimming, Parts of an animal; Head, body, tail, leg, feet, paw, flipper

Lesson overview:
Everybody loves animals! Come and find out more information about animals at London’s famous Zoo. In this lesson your students will:

  • Watch a video about animals at London Zoo
  • Use adjectives to describe the animals
  • Look at vocabulary for animal body parts
  • Talk to students around the world about their favourite animals

Extra lessons

Lesson D

Trainer: Rob Dean

Level: B1

Students’ age: 9-15

Topic: Interesting places to visit in your country

Key vocabulary:
Video Pre-Teaching/ Checking; population, crowded, busy, subway, landmarks, storeys, Sharing information; X is famous for its…, X is worth seeing, X has a beautiful/ impressive/ historic..., You can see/ visit/ climb, etc.

Lesson overview:
The world is a fascinating place and there are lots of things to see and do in the countries in which we live. Why not recommend some great places to visit close to where you live? In this lesson your students will:

  • Watch a video about tourist attractions in New York
  • Talk to other students around the world about things to see and do in their country
  • Share cultural information about the places where they live
  • Develop critical thinking skills