Everything you need to teach on one disk

Gone are the days of the lost CD, folder upon folder of extra resources and the missing coursebook. Now the days of ActiveTeach have arrived.
Pop the disk into your computer and...

  • manage your class smoothly
  • manage your time efficiently
  • have additional activities at the click of a button

Use ActiveTeach with a computer and projector or with an IWB to receive: 

  • Student’s Book pages - zoom in, zoom out and focus on specific activities
  • Full class audio & DVD
  • Printable worksheets and interactive exercises
  • Assessment activities and tests
  • IWB tools

"I like the possibility to find useful online materials and to create my own materials. I like vocabulary provided, interactive materials, CD-ROMs, iTools. This is the world where you can find this which are the most suitable for you and your students."

Ilze Dukure, Valmeria Paragauja Grammar School, Latvia