Pearson English Portal

The Pearson English Portal gives access in one place to the English teaching and learning tools and resources that accompany our courses.

The Portal is easy for teachers and students to use, encourages engagement, enhances the learning experience and helps to improve outcomes.

Making teaching and learning easier

The Portal is designed to make teaching easier and more effective, with everything that your students and you need in one place. Our recent upgrades will help make teaching and learning even easier.

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Virtual classes – Zoom integration

Zoom and Portal screenshot

Schedule and run virtual classes, and invite your students, all within the Portal. This feature is available with all teacher access to the Portal.

  • Easy to use, and simple to run: set up classes and groups with the class management tool, and organize Zoom lessons with your students.
  • Create a calendar of scheduled classes, which appear in your students’ notifications so they don’t miss a class.
  • Use Zoom straight from the Portal. And because it’s integrated, you can switch easily between showing the presentation tool on your screen and other resources you want to share.

New Test Generator

Test Generator screenshot

Enjoy greater flexibility in how you test your students. The Test Generator is available for some of our courses.

  • Create the tests you want from the assessment package available with your course. Pick and choose the activities you need for your class.
  • Choose which students answer which questions, or randomize the questions to make sure students don’t receive the same test.
  • Assign the tests online to your students, with instant marking, or create PDF versions to print off and mark yourself, so it works with whichever classroom situation you’re in.

Student’s Interactive eBooks

eBook screenshot

Make it easier for your students to study whether they are learning in the classroom or at home. Interactive eBooks are available for some of our courses.

  • Let your students access audio and video at point of use at every relevant point of the Student’s Book.
  • Have them complete Student’s Book activities directly in the Interactive eBook and bring them to class for discussion.
  • Give students everything they need in one place to develop their skills and build their language.

Online Practice and Gradebook

Portal class performance screenshot

We’ve upgraded our gradebook: now it’s even easier to see how students are doing.

  • View how your students are doing individually, as a group, and in comparison with one another.
  • See how your students are getting on, at every stage: time on task, number of attempts to get an answer.
  • Give your students the right content, and assign activities and group students according to their needs.

Why use the Portal?

Rigorous pedagogy

Rigorous, pedagogically constructed courses deliver learning excellence and best in class teaching.

Added value

Added features, such as a presentation tool, gradebook, and lesson flow, enable better teaching and improved information for parents.

Time and effort efficient

Comprehensive, guided courses mean less effort and time is required to prepare for
and deliver lessons.

Improved learner outcomes

A wide range of digital resources encourages practice in and out of the classroom, enhances the learning experience and learner outcomes.

Safe and reliable

Robust hosting in the cloud ensures the safest, most secure and reliable service.

Ease of use

Alignment between on and offline resources provides a seamless teacher and learner journey. Everything in one place delivers total accessibility.

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