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The Pearson English Portal gives access in one place to the English teaching and learning tools and resources that accompany our courses.

The Portal is easy for teachers and students to use, encourages engagement, enhances the learning experience and helps to improve outcomes.

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Back to school upgrades

This September and October, we will be introducing enhancements to the Portal and our digital tools that will make it easier to teach your classes whether in person or remotely.

Integrated video conferencing

You will be able to schedule Zoom video conferencing meetings within the Portal, creating a calendar of online lessons that sends automatic notifications and reminders to your students. You will also be able to start your Zoom meeting within the Portal, so all that you need to teach remotely is in one place.

eBooks and Interactive eBooks

We are expanding the number of courses that have eBooks with access to the audio and video at point of use, so students can find all they need to study in one place. We are also introducing new Interactive eBooks with interactive activities as well, to make it easier for students to study remotely and make distance learning easier.

Test generator

This new tool will be available for a number of our courses, giving you the flexibility to create your own tests online based on the assessment package from each course, randomizing and varying each test to meet your needs and the needs of your class.

Why use the Portal?

Rigorous pedagogy

Rigorous, pedagogically constructed courses deliver learning excellence and best in class teaching.

Added value

Added features, such as a presentation tool, gradebook, and lesson flow, enable better teaching and improved information for parents.

Time and effort efficient

Comprehensive, guided courses mean less effort and time is required to prepare for
and deliver lessons.

Improved learner outcomes

A wide range of digital resources encourages practice in and out of the classroom, enhances the learning experience and learner outcomes.

Safe and reliable

Robust hosting in the cloud ensures the safest, most secure and reliable service.

Ease of use

Alignment between on and offline resources provides a seamless teacher and learner journey. Everything in one place delivers total accessibility.

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Pearson Practice English App

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MyEnglishLab is now available through the Portal. 

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Other platforms

digital tools

We have digital platforms to suit every classroom.

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