Ready for what's next

We all want to feel ready for the next step – whether it’s a new school year, a return to the classroom or a whole new way of teaching and learning.

Feeling supported, feeling inspired, knowing that everything’s ready to move forward: we’re excited to share brand-new, adapted and tried-and-trusted resources, designed to bring learning to life!


Ready for online and blended teaching: Tools & Resources

Pearson English courses, assessments and professional development are designed to flex and adapt to changing needs - whether in a face to face, blended or online teaching and learning environment.   

Our platforms offer easy access to courses, practice materials and the teaching tools you need to teach remotely and interact with students. ​

Our methodology resources are designed to bring you the support you need to make every class a success.

Ready for online and blended learning

Check out exciting upgrades on the Pearson English Portal

Integrated video conferencing: schedule and run Zoom video conferencing meetings within the Portal, with automatic notifications and reminders to your students and everything in one place. 

eBooks and Interactive eBooks: access all Students book resources, including audio and video. New Interactive eBooks provide interactive activities as well.  

Test generator: create the tests your learners need.

Explore methodologies for teaching online


Try ESAP: Engage, Study, Activate, Practise

These tried and trusted procedures have been reimagined for online and blended classrooms, so you can adapt your teaching to your context and the digital tools you have.

Browse resources with tips and guidance from our specialists

Dr Ken Beatty

Ken Beatty

Lindsay Warwick

Lindsay Warwick

Ready to bridge the gaps: Assessment

Lost learning is a concern when study has been interrupted.

Try out assessment tools to help you see where your learners really stand.

Access great resources to help them to catch up and progress.

  • Find tips on our blog on how to use the Global Scale of English to help with lost learning and bringing new classes together.
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Ready to move forward: Professional Development

Our Teacher Education and Leadership Academy offers a brand-new suite of supported professional development courses to build digital confidence and develop your skills.

Find out about our new Professional Development catalogue.

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Ready together: Wellbeing

These social and emotional support resources are designed to take us through those first days and create enriching experiences through learning and collaboration.

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Find out more about resources and course-specific support 

Browse resources available for Primary, Secondary and General English classrooms including new digital components and capabilities within our courses, and ‘How to teach online’ methodology guides.

Plus, check out our range of Professional Development opportunities, designed to help you succeed. And find out how our Assessment catalogue can help you to evaluate and plan for progress.

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