Portal & Digital Upgrades

To help make remote teaching and learning easier, we have made enhancements to the Pearson English Portal and our digital tools.

In September and October we will be integrating Zoom into the Portal, expanding the number of courses with eBooks and Interactive eBooks, and including a test generator so you can generate the tests you need.

Ready for transformation

When learning’s happening outside the classroom, let us support you with video conferencing, gradebooks, e-books and test generators – and check out our helpful Teaching online… guides. 

We’ve upgraded our digital capabilities – so you can transform learning experiences, with great tools and great teaching.

New: video conferencing 

Schedule and run online classes with video conferencing tools.  

Easy to use, and simple to run: set up classes and groups with the class management tool, and organize Zoom lessons with your students, all within the Pearson English Portal. 

You can create a calendar of scheduled meetings, which will appear in your students’ notifications, and they’ll receive email reminders to ensure they never miss a class.  

Ready to start your class? Use Zoom straight from the Portal! And because it is integrated, you can switch easily between showing the presentation tool on your screen and other resources you want to share.

Online practice and gradebook

We’ve upgraded our gradebook! Now it’s even easier to see how students are doing, individually, as a group, and in comparison with one another.

You’ll be able to see how your students are getting on, at every stage – how long they take to do a task, and how many attempts before they get it right – so you can respond with the right content, assign activities and group students according to their needs.

Ready to use your courseware

eBooks and Interactive eBooks: remote learning just got easier - with new eBooks and Interactive eBooks bringing instant access to Students Book content, and audio and video content through point-of-use links. Many of our course offer interactive activities, too. 

Online test generator: you know what your learners need, and how you want to test them! With our new test generator embedded into the Portal you can create tests that best meet their needs.Content is based on the assessment package from your course, and you can select or deselect test activities and randomise the order in which the students will receive them.

'Teaching online' guides: all the support you need in the move to online or blended learning, for your product, from our specialist teams. 

More about the Portal

The Portal gives access in one place to the English teaching and learning tools and resources that accompany our courses.​​

It's easy for teachers and students to use, encourages engagement, enhances the learning experience and helps to improve outcomes.