Ready for what's next in Professional Development

The capacity for continuous learning is an essential skill in today’s fast-moving world, and as teachers, you know this better than anyone.

That’s why we’ve created an up-to-date suite of courses, with flexible formats and access options, designed to support your professional development, wherever you are. 

Professional Development courses

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Ready for online or blended learning

In our recent global teacher survey we asked you how you were coping with the switch to socially distanced teaching.  We found that many teachers are feeling optimistic and see this an opportunity for creativity and upskilling. However, some teachers also expressed anxiety about managing and delivering effective classes.

We listened to your concerns. The following modules have been created to support you through the everyday challenges and develop your expertise in online environments.

Back to school

Choose from:

  • On-the-go – bite-sized learning for busy teachers
  • Teaching for Impact: Best Practices for Online Teaching and Learning – to help you really thrive in an online teaching environment
  • Deep Dive – choose from a variety of subjects designed for the modern classroom
  • Master Trainer – a series of intensive, learner-centric courses

Visit our new Teacher Education and Leadership Academy (TELA) page to find our more and buy online. 

ESAP framework

Engage, Study, Activate and Practise: in classrooms all over the world, great teaching follows this model.  We’ve developed the framework so that you can transfer tried and trusted techniques and deploy your teaching skills in an online environment. 

ESAP methodology has been trialled by teachers, and found to be effective in managing blended or online classrooms.


Ready to bridge the gaps

Our global teacher survey also uncovered concerns about lost learning: how to identify and make up for what learners have missed, and bridging those gaps when they return to school.

Visit our blog to find classroom ideas or learn more about techniques to suit teaching your specific learner groups.

Many of the teachers had offered additional homework to keep their learners engaged while socially distanced, and some have been busy creating new remedial content to help accelerate their learner’s learning once they return to class.

The Global Scale of English (GSE) and the GSE Teacher Toolkit are packed full of useful resources for monitoring progress and setting goals along with help for scaffolding and identifying gaps. You’ll also find audio files to help with pronunciation and a huge vocabulary bank.

Try out the GSE Teacher Toolkit, an invaluable free online resource, which has been nominated for a prestigious ELTons award in 2020.

Ready to move forward

Following the success of the Pearson English Spring Days webinar series earlier will be communicating the program for a new series of webinars starting in October.

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