Whether you’re in a school, a university or a language academy, our priority is to support you with practical and innovative ideas and material that will inspire your learners and help you to adapt your teaching to an online or distance learning environment. 

The resources on this page are designed to help you and we will be updating the site regularly with more. 


Do you need to get started with teaching online?

We’ve asked two specialists in online language teaching to share their experiences and ideas for best practice in the virtual classroom.

Online teaching and learning expert Dr Ken Beatty shares essential guidelines for first classes, answering questions like: What can I do if I’m not a computer-savvy teacher?  How do online lessons differ from face-to-face lessons?  What are creative ways to use social media to help students engage? 

Dr Ken Beatty

Distance teaching and learning

In this webinar Dr. Ken Beatty, an expert on online teaching and learning, explores how to get organized, plan effectively, stay motivated and keep learners engaged, and answer key questions about online distance learning.

Available as pre-recorded webinar or seven short videos.

Teacher trainer and materials writer Lindsay Warwick says “The good news is that the methodology we use to teach online is the same as it is face-to-face. We just need to adapt our lessons to take into account the different tools we have available.”

Handy guide to teaching online

Lindsay's guidelines will help you start teaching online, from choosing the right tools to engaging your learners in online lessons.

Lindsay Warwick

Other resources for getting started. If you’re faced with a new remote class and not sure how to approach it, read our blog post Six top tips for teaching online.

Have you discovered the Pearson English Portal?

All Pearson English courses are accessed through the Pearson English Portal, the single access point for online and offline English teaching and learning resources.

Pearson English Portal

Find out more about the Pearson English Portal with these easy-to-use tutorials. 

Here’s an example of a course being delivered on the Pearson English Portal.

Free course resources 

You can also access free teacher resources on the Pearson English Portal, simply follow the on-screen instructions to access or setup your portal account.


Some courses accessed via the portal are on the MyEnglishLab platform. Find out more about MyEnglishLab with these easy-to-use tutorials. 

Teaching young learners

Four ways to keep young learners engaged in your online lesson

Many educators are finding themselves having to set up online courses quickly and provide content for young learners. Here are some great ideas to help keep them engaged during online lessons.

Teaching from home with these 5 fun online platforms

There are lots of user-friendly and fun online platforms that can help young and older English learners. Here are our top picks to boost student learning and engagement. 

Teaching teen learners

How to deliver an engaging online lesson to teenagers

Michael Brand, leading teacher trainer for the Pearson and BBC Live Classes project, shares ideas and best-practices on delivering motivating and effective online English lessons to teenagers.

How to deliver teach exam students online

Watch this webinar recording where Billie Jago discusses using the Pearson online portal to deliver engaging online classes and encourage independent learning.

Teaching adult learners

Digital solutions for online learning

Learn from Christina Cavage about teaching adult learners in an online environment, using MyEnglishLab and other tools to keep your course moving and your students motivated.

Access free grammar resources through the GSE Teacher Toolkit to support your adult learners. The mini-guide will help you, and them, to get started. 

Are your students preparing for assessment?

Nick Laul

In this session, assessment specialist Nick Laul talks about the Versant English Placement Test.

This is a 4-skills test that can be taken by computer, and allows you to assess your students’ English language skills if the test you normally use for admissions or programs is not currently available.

Are you looking for tips to stay healthy?

Amy Malloy

We all need to stay healthy. Mindfulness can help in stressful times.

These resources from specialist Amy Malloy, are designed to support learners and educators.

In response to the recent Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we would like to reassure the global ELT community.

Pearson teams around the world are doing everything possible to ensure that teaching, learning and exam preparation can continue during this period of uncertainty, following guidance from governments and local authorities in the markets in which we operate.

Please contact your local Pearson office for additional information.